Bobbie Burgers Hybernation #8
Bobbie Burgers, Hybernation #8 (detail), 2020/21. Photo: Rachel Topham, 2021.

Current Exhibition

Bobbie Burgers: The Hard Work of Spring

The West Vancouver Art Museum is pleased to present this exhibition featuring new work by Bobbie Burgers, including two new series of works on paper and two free-standing sculptures. Forced to create on a smaller and in a more contained way during the initial COVID lockdown, Burgers turned to paper and less paint to continue her practice at home. On her return to her studio, she continued to work with paper far more frequently, not just as a substrate, but in her collage and sculpture too. ..more

Future Exhibitions

Rabbit Lane: Douglas Coupland

In 1998, Douglas Coupland published Girlfriend in a Coma, a work of fiction that traces the lives of a group of friends from their teenage years through to middle-age. Set in West Vancouver, the story centers around Karen McNeil, who falls into a coma that lasts 17 years. When she awakens, the friends come together once again to face an impending apocalypse. The novel, which weaves deftly between literary genres, comes with a moral and a warning. ..more

Past Exhibitions

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