Ken Dyck, Lakewood Residence (detail) (2018).
Ken Dyck, Lakewood Residence (detail), 2018

Current Exhibition

Design for Living: West Coast Modern Homes Revisited

"Does Your House Fit You?" In 1949, the Community Arts Council of Vancouver posed this question in their catalogue for the seminal Design for Living exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery, arguably marking the birth of Canada's West Coast Modernist tradition in art and architecture. ..more

Future Exhibitions

Oh Nightingale: Parviz Tanavoli

The West Vancouver Art Museum is delighted to present this exhibition of work by the eminent Iranian-Canadian artist, Parviz Tanavoli. A resident of West Vancouver for over three decades, Tanavoli is among Canada’s most significant contemporary artists. This exhibition will feature work that spans his six-decade-long career, focusing on his wearable art and small sculptures, prints and paintings of birds, cages and locks. The artist has returned repeatedly to these forms, allowing him to explore the themes of freedom, nothingness, poetry and history, while playing with his viewer’s awareness of traditional function and meaning. Just as he subverts the accepted meaning of a cage, he explores dualisms that manifest themselves as both significant and trivial, a poet contrasting the everyday with the remarkable. ..more

Landon Mackenzie: Recollect(s)

Landon Mackenzie: Recollect(s) is a survey of works from the artist’s 40-year career shown alongside a selection of paintings by such formidable Canadian artists as Jock Macdonald, Walter Yarwood, Harold Town, Michael Snow and Gordon Smith, assembled by her family in the late 1950s. ..more

Past Exhibitions

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