Landon Mackenzie, Crossing (long) (1984). Acrylic on canvas, 170 x 324 cm.
Landon Mackenzie, Crossing (long), 1984, acrylic on canvas, 170 x 324 cm

Current Exhibition

Landon Mackenzie: Recollect(s)

Landon Mackenzie: Recollect(s) is a survey of works from the artist’s 40-year career shown alongside a selection of paintings by such formidable Canadian artists as Jock Macdonald, Walter Yarwood, Harold Town, Michael Snow and Gordon Smith, assembled by her family in the late 1950s. ..more

Future Exhibitions

Presence & Absence: Nic Lehoux and Attilio Fiumarella

This exhibition features the work of two contemporary architectural photographers, Nic Lehoux and Attilio Fiumarella, who explore the different ways in which design impacts our use and engagement with public spaces. ..more

Gohar Dashti: Dissonance

This exhibition features two bodies of work by Iranian artist, Gohar Dashti. Notions of home and sanctuary are inverted and re-framed in the work of Iranian artist Gohar Dashti. ..more

Past Exhibitions

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