Christos Dikeakos, Red Delicious, Foreground Study, 2007
Christos Dikeakos, Red Delicious, Foreground Study (2007).

Christos Dikeakos

Trouble in Paradise

Christos Dikeakos’ recent series of photographs, taken in and around the rural Penticton apple orchard he owns with his wife, Sophie, document the supplanting of apple orchards—and the fruit industry—by vineyards to sustain the Okanagan Valley’s burgeoning wine business. The photographs are a contemporary portrait of agriculture, standardization, shifting economies, and environmental change. At the same time, they elevate the humble apple, revealing the beauty of its ripening and subsequent decay.

These works were first presented in the exhibition Nature Morte, organized by the Kelowna Art Gallery in 2014. Trouble in Paradise is part of the 2015 Capture Photography Festival.