At the bookstore, you will find a selection of books about artists in our permanent collection, architecture, design and the history of West Vancouver. To order the book by phone, please call 604-925-7296 or send us an email.

A Modern Landscape: Takao Tanabe
Cost: $15

Ann Kipling: Drawing the Line, North Shore Works 1962-1967
Cost: $5

Balanced Forms: Xwalacktun (Rick Harry), James Harry, and Austin Harry
Cost: $15

Bobbie Burgers: The Hard Work of Spring
Cost: $20

Cornelia Hahn Oberlander: Genius Loci
Cost: $25

Deep Conditioning: Rebecca Bair
Cost: $15

Design for Living: West Coast Modern Homes Revisited
Cost: $30

Léon Coupey: My Dearest Kate
Cost: $15

Presence & Absence: Nic Lehoux and Attilio Fiumar
Cost: $10

Rabbit Lane: Douglas Coupland
Cost: $25

The Eyes Have Walls: Nicole Ondre & Mina Totino
Cost: $10

The Spaces Between Us: Jackie Wong
Cost: $15