Art Collection

Christos Dikeakos, Foreground Study, Red Delicious, 2007.

The art collection includes works by artists such as B.C. Binning, Jack Shadbolt, Emily Carr, Joan Balzar, Lionel Thomas, Alistair Bell, Takao Tanabe, Sylvia Tait, Pierre Coupey complemented by works by contemporary artists, such as Kim Kennedy Austin and Babak Golkar.

In 2015, the art museum made its first purchase of a series of watercolours by Kim Kennedy Austin, originally produced for her solo exhibition at the art museum that same year.

Later that year, acclaimed Canadian artist Gordon Smith donated his personal collection of art, including works by Ian Wallace, Ann Kipling, Arabella Campbell, Christos Dikeakos, Rodney Graham, Attila Richard Lukacs, and Douglas Coupland, among others.

Image:  Christos Dikeakos, Red Delicious, Foreground Study, 2007, photograph. Gift of Gordon Smith. Collection of the West Vancouver Art Museum.