Presence & Absence: Nic Lehoux and Attilio Fiumarella

Presence Absence: Nic Lehoux and Attilio Fiumarella

Opening reception: January 14, 7-9 p.m.

This exhibition features the work of two contemporary architectural photographers, Nic Lehoux and Attilio Fiumarella, who explore the different ways in which design impacts our use and engagement with public spaces. Public buildings tend to be larger in scale and thus require specialist photographic knowledge and often, equipment, in order to be successfully photographed.

As modern architectural styles were developed from the 1950s, so too were architectural photographic techniques, which became more creative, with the employment of bold lines and strong shadows. Lehoux’s photographs feature public spaces around the world, many of which teem with people. Fiumarella’s photographs focus on the British city of Birmingham, where historic public buildings have been adapted to suit contemporary purposes. Through their work, both artists reveal insights about how architectural photography, and our use of these spaces, have changed over time.
Nic Lehoux has been an architectural photographer for over 20 years, and a passionate observer of light, architecture and the human condition his entire life. He works closely with some of the world’s most respected architects, defining in photographs what makes their work unique. His work has been published regularly in every major architectural publication, and in hundreds of books. His work has also been exhibited in galleries and museums internationally.
His interests in social documentary work have resulted in several personal projects that bridge architecture and society.
Attilio Fiumarella is a photographic artist interested in exploring social landscapes. After studying at Porto School of Architecture, he worked as an architect before completely dedicating himself to photography. His practice draws from documentary and architectural photography and his work received a number of recognitions. He was awarded the first place at RBSA Photographic Prize and two honourable mentions at IPA, the International Photography Awards. Lately, Attilio was finalist of the Aesthetica Art Prize and the Head On Portrait Prize. In 2018, he was awarded a grant from the Art Council England to complete his latest project on British Identity. British Subject was displayed at Obscura festival in Malaysia and his dummy book was nominated for the UNSEEN Dummy Award in Amsterdam and for the FUAM Dummy Book Award in Istanbul. Attilio has been commissioned work by The Guardian, L’OBS, Die Welt, We Demain and the Financial Times. His work is held in several private and public collections and has been displayed across Europe, the USA, Asia and Australia, in group and individual exhibitions. Attilio is based in Vancouver, Canada.